Baby Joey | Calgary Newborn Photographer

There is always special meaning when I get to capture these first few days for new parents…these days that are so fleeting as our babies grow so quickly.  We think that because we cuddle and stare endlessly at these beautiful creatures, we would surely never forget every little crease, every shape, every ounce of perfection.  How they look this very minute.

But it happens.  We constantly move on to the next stage –  the sitting, the walking, the school days,  the back talking…and because we love our children so deeply at EVERY stage…we do sadly forget.  So, to stop time, and create images that are literally cherished for a life time; these are things we can never replace.   It warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye every time I look back my sons first few photos, and I know that this right here, is what I get to give you.  My lovely, sweet, funny, brilliant friend Lindsey.

lisa mcdonald photography

I had to add in the cutest 2 yr old big sister ever…  Della, you are a rock star!

lisa mcdonald photography

Heres little reminder of your sweet Della from her newborn images …lisa mcdonald photography


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