Fall Mini Sessions – Part 1 | Lisa McDonald Photography

This month Ive been offering a few days of Fall Mini Sessions; rounding up to 19 families in total :)  Yes, I could possibly have a few screws loose…HA.  They have been a HUGE hit this year and while I am still in the depths of organizing, editing and executing them all, I thought I would share a few!

Brothers…so fun…and so much boy trouble!   Oh you boys make me smile from the depths of my heart.

Two year old boys love to run, and play….   I have been photographing this sweet child since he was inside mommy’s tummy!  and is it just me, or do we not have a TON of cute kids in Calgary!!!  look at this gorgeous toddler.

Sisterly love. Two girls that always pull at my heart strings.  Again, since the eldest was in moms belly.  I have seen these two thrive and get more beautiful every year.

O my Gosh…this adorable boy had THIS much hair when I photographed him as a newborn!  You’d never guess these were taken during his ‘witching hour’…and I know mom was worried…but boy did we capture some sweet images of him :)

Stay tuned for more!  and have a fantastic sunny September in Calgary!!  its been amazing hasn’t it?!

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