Baby Addison | Lisa McDonald Photography

I was so excited about this newborn shoot this week  :)  There is nothing better than meeting a super couple, photographing their wedding, and then 1 year later – their new little addition!  Theres something so special about seeing the creation of a family unit.  Not only is this couple fabulous…I could seriously have held this gorgeous baby all day. Throughout our long visit, photo session, coffee breaks…she didnt cry once!  The most content baby EVER.  

7 thoughts on “Baby Addison | Lisa McDonald Photography

  1. I loved the one in the pail best….gorgeous. Anne Geddes eat your heart out….superb photography. Many Congratulations and much love
    Stef, Lindsay, Liam and Adam XXXXX

  2. Amazing work Lisa!!! Melissa was really looking forward to that day and I can see why!! Melissa your little angel looks prefect and so do you.

  3. Absolutely Fabulous Lisa, as usual! I haven’t got to meet this little beauty yet (damned weather!), but we are hoping to set something up for next weekend. I’m glad it went well :-)

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