Maternity @ the Ranche… | Lisa McDonald Photography

Oh I cant get enough of these vibrant colors and this gorgeous pregnant woman!  I think we may have squeezed in the last ‘summer’ session this past weekend; even though dad was wearing gloves!  Yes, thats a Calgary September day isnt it.   I absolutely LOVED shooting this maternity session.  Janelle is stunning.  Look at her!  Even with her 2 yr old son trying to distract her, I love how focused she remained.  (I need to take lessons from her…seriously)   Thank you for making my Saturday – and my job – so enjoyable.  

Heading out to the grassy feel gave us a completely different look; thats what I love about Fish Creek Park.  

6 thoughts on “Maternity @ the Ranche… | Lisa McDonald Photography

  1. Janelle, I saw the photo’s from Lisa – they are wonderful. You looked
    radiant and beautiful in them. She caught you looking very serene,happy
    and contentment showed in your face. Isaac looked sooo cute and Jim
    looked extremely happy too. I loved them. Mom

  2. Really stunning. I thought the Ranche was remarkable the first time I saw it, and I can fully understand why you would want this beautiful backdrop for such important memories. It’s nice the landscape was still quite green so the images could really be the focus.

  3. Thanks again Lisa! I know I keep saying this, but your attention to detail really gave me peace of mind. We all had such a great time and I really LOVE your work!

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