2x the sugar | Lisa McDonald Photography

On so many levels, this ranks up there as one of my all time favorite shoots.  Where to begin…when BJ saw my card at a fundraiser (which I volunteer my photography services for), she grabbed it and apparently has been holding on to it for 2 years!  She said as soon as I get pregnant, I am getting Lisa to photograph my baby!  (lo & behold there were TWO babies)  For that I am so extremely honoured :)  When she called me last week to arrange a session we hit it off instantly and I loved her bubbly personality. 

I made my way out to their Chestermere acerage yesterday, somewhat nervous, as I dont many sets of twins.  This being my second ever.  Well, there to help were two wonderful angels…the grandmas :)  I cant begin to tell you how helpful and AMAZING these two ladies were.  They were completely on the ball, each taking charge when needing too, and helping to calm and pose these beautiful babes.  I wish I could have them at every newborn session!!! 

Then I meet Bobby-Jo.  wow.  for a woman who has just given birth to TWINS, and apparently exhausted, she looked absolutely stunning!!  Our session went so smoothly with all the help on hand and even a few tears were shed by all the emotional women in the room.  It just doesnt get any better than this.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart XO

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