Katie & Sheldon | Lisa McDonald Photography

I have a VERY impatient pregnant woman dieing to see her maternity photos.  So, instead of making her go crazy, I figure I’ll be a sport and put these up right away :)

Last night Katie, Sheldon…”Hudson”….and I went out for a countryside Maternity shoot.  As you may or may not know…Im a wee bit scared of big dogs – Have been all my life.  SO, what does sweet Katie do?  yah…brings along a 200 lb Bull cross.  Oh dear lord save me now.  Now, the good thing is, he’s actually a really nice dog!  the bad thing is…he weighs 200 lbs!!!!!!!!!!  Hudson actually brought alot of laughs out, not that we needed any help :)  I seriously think I laughed so hard I pee’d myself.

I post this first photo, because theres a story here.  aww..look how sweet dear Hudson is there, sitting with is mom & dad.  Well, apparently the SECOND after I took this shot sweet pups there decides he doesnt want his photo taken anymore…and starts running full speed at me…and Barrels me over!!! Really, this was all in play, he was excited :)  (I got the camera away from my face before he reached me).  OMG.  I cant say thats ever happened to me before….EVER! I laughed, I cried…I nearly crapped my pants.  Nothing like that to put a spring in your step.  The three of us had WAY too much fun on this shoot; near thought she’d have the babe right there!

I love this photo of Katie laughing.

Katie, in all seriousness, you are so lovely.  I know Sheldon and you are going to be such great parents.  Congratulations to you both!!

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