Baby River | Lisa McDonald Photography

Welcoming the newest member of my family – sweet baby River :)  We had a fabulous time photographing my beautiful ‘great nephew’ a few weeks back.  What a great way to welcome him and create lasting memories for the family.  These will last a life time for my lovely niece Amanda and her attentive hubby Kevin.    Enjoy XO

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Baby Joey | Calgary Newborn Photographer

There is always special meaning when I get to capture these first few days for new parents…these days that are so fleeting as our babies grow so quickly.  We think that because we cuddle and stare endlessly at these beautiful creatures, we would surely never forget every little crease, every shape, every ounce of perfection.  How they look this very minute.

But it happens.  We constantly move on to the next stage –  the sitting, the walking, the school days,  the back talking…and because we love our children so deeply at EVERY stage…we do sadly forget.  So, to stop time, and create images that are literally cherished for a life time; these are things we can never replace.   It warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye every time I look back my sons first few photos, and I know that this right here, is what I get to give you.  My lovely, sweet, funny, brilliant friend Lindsey.

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I had to add in the cutest 2 yr old big sister ever…  Della, you are a rock star!

lisa mcdonald photography

Heres little reminder of your sweet Della from her newborn images …lisa mcdonald photography


Sara | Graduation Beauty

I know most people may think I had probably dropped off the face of the earth…I agree, its been pretty quiet around here these days.  Over the past year I decided to re-enter the workforce; this has proven to be a lot more time consuming that I had anticipated!  Sadly, this has of course caused me to go very ‘part time’ on the Photography front. But not to worry, I will continue to operate my business part time, as time will allow :)

Without further ado, last week I had the privilege of photographing this gorgeous graduate.  I have known Sara since she was 9 years old…and her mom and I certainly shed a few tears when she came down in this gorgeous dress.  All grown up…its all so bitter sweet.  I see such great things in store for this beautiful, kind, smart, sweet and gorgeous lady  xo.

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Justine & Eric | Lisa McDonald Weddings

I am again honored to shoot another wedding of the “Selsing girls”!!  Of four daughters, Justine is the second Ive photographed :)    Justine and Eric went to beautiful sunny Mexico for a destination beach wedding this summer, however they still wanted some lovely photos to document their marriage here back in Calgary.  So, with that we set off to the outskirts of the city to capture some natural images in a country setting.   After spending time with this family in the past, our session was of course very easy, natural and a ton of fun.  I am quite certain the love of family and friends around them made for a glorious beach wedding :))

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Julie & Chris | Calgary Wedding | Lisa McDonald Photography

A few short weeks ago, before the raging waters hit our beautiful city, I had the delight of photography the wedding of Chris and Julie.  It was an lovely intimate affair with family and 2 attendants, awaiting their ‘first look’, while a church full of friends and extended family waited to share in the celebration.  The day took us through the city and ended with a gorgeous reception at the Calgary Italian Club.  As I leave town for a short holiday with my little man on a mom/son trip, I leave you with some images from their glorious day :)  Julie you looked magnificent, a true beauty…and Chris you are adorable and so fun to be around. You both make me laugh, and make it so easy to enjoy my job.

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a miracle baby…

I am so happy to post these images of a true fighter…a real life miracle.  After many many years of trying and too many losses, mom finally conceived this beautiful baby girl by IVF.  The hardships dont stop there.  Aria came into this world at 26 weeks old….fighting weight =1 pound.  After months at the hospital and countless prayers and support, baby finally came home! We all couldn’t be happier and relieved.

I wanted to do something…but what?  Obviously it came to me – giving mom images for her to treasure…her sweet angelic princess.  I cant be more happy to give this gift to mom & dad after all their long days, sleepless nights and the countless worries.  I got to visit yesterday and snap images of this very AWAKE baby girl; I don’t think she wants to miss a thing :))

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Bring in the New Year Special! | Lisa McDonald Photography

2013 Newborn Special